eMail Marketing: places strong emphasis on opt in eMail marketing - that is the recipient has given permission for material to be sent to their email address.

eMail marketing is about boosting your sales, generating leads, increasing awareness, and building interest among your target market. With the passage of time email marketing has changed in its style, focus and objectives to establish itself as a major tool for web marketing. Today Email advertising is increasingly being used as a means to receive business and personal news, entertainment, products and advertisement. Generally most of the important mails never reach the targeted customers and all efforts go wasted. We have mastered the most critical element of email marketing -�INBOX DELIVERABILITY�.

Our email marketing solutions are cost effective, result-oriented and out of the box that addresses all your needs ranging from eMail Consultancy (Contacts Database Integration), eMail Sourcing (Sourcing Rented List), eMail Copy Writing (Extensive Editorial), eMail Creatives (Text/HTML Content Creation), Mailing List Creation, Automated Mailing, Mass Mailing to click tracking reports and analysis.

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